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Edition: Kindle

Versions: Kindle ebook


By Steven Savanna.

Cover Art: Art 4 Artists

Would you trust artificial sentience to run a planet?


On idyllic semi-tropical paradise, Azure, Angela Blackman is dangerously non-conformist in a technologically advanced but stagnant society. Angela is first intrigued and then terrified as she uncovers evidence suggesting deep-seated corruption is taking over Central, the benign artificial intelligence that links the planet’s population into a planet wide neural interface.


She can trust no-one as she tries to prove that Central has been lying to humanity for nearly four hundred years about the state of their sister planet, Aurore, from whence her ancestors fled after a cataclysmic war.


Angela fears betrayal from all those she trusted, her sister Clara, her lover Jerome and long-term family friend and cyborg, George. As she battles Central’s rogue android agents and fights for her life and sanity in Central’s perverted virtual reality, her struggle will change the fate of Azure and Aurore and every living soul upon the two planets.

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