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Chameleon Reef

By Steven Savanna.

Cover Art: Art 4 Artists

What happens when humans become emotionally involved with aliens?

Keiffer Reynold’s, linguist on Earth exploration ship Archimedes, is shocked to find 22 marooned sentient beings when they arrive to survey the unclaimed semi-tropical planet, Sulara, in preparation for human colonists.

Intrigued by L’nu, a non-binary alien, Kieffer is drawn into a cross-species relationship with shocking results as their emotional entanglement transforms L’nu into a new form.

When the aliens home world military arrive to forcefully repatriate them, claiming Sulara as its own territory, it expects to find many more of their lost race.


Chaos ensues when the marooned aliens true purpose in their society is revealed, and the fate of the remainder of the missing alien crew is discovered. An interspecies war threatens and only a desperate journey through a lost inter-planetary portal can halt a catastrophic confrontation and save a world holding a huge secret in plain sight.


Edition: Kindle

Versions: Kindle ebook

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