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Edition: Various

Versions: Kindle ebook, Apple, Kobo, Nook, etc.


By Steven Savanna.

Cover Art: Art 4 Artists

What happens when a cyborg on probation falls in love with a human?

Chaos, blackmail and intrigue ignite when Floss plunges into a romantic liaison with Jan Oort.


When Floss and Jan accidentally open a gateway in spacetime to another part of the galaxy, an alien menace is drawn to their planet and hovers over the multi-species city they call home.


Floss's freedom and her very existence are threatened when she discovers the key that will re-open the gateway; a key that their alien visitors, are looking for.

But if she hands it over, an interplanetary war will erupt; and if she doesn't, many on her planet will die. How can she make such an impossible choice? Her cybernetic brain, now freed of all controls, was never designed to cope with such emotional conflict. Will she survive whatever terrible decision she makes? 


Floss is a stand alone space opera. If you like exploring personal conflict amongst action, intrigue and exotic locations, then you'll love Steven Savanna's sci-fi drama.

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