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The Big Yaya

Lucas Honey Investigates.

Hotel Exotica Bk1

By Steven Savanna.

Cover Art: Tom Edwards

Hotel Exotica Bk1 is the first in a series of scifi/crime novels featuring Lucas Honey, in house detective for the multi-planet chain, Hotel Exotica.

Lucas Honey has put the murderous lifestyle of galactic policework behind him, along with exotic alien partner and one-time lover DI Zoe Sanchez. He's enjoying the richer rewards as a hotel detective dealing with petty thievery where the biggest risk is the savage megafauna on a tourist centric planet that make T-Rex seem like a pet spaniel.

It gets trickier when suicidal assassins start murdering the guests and Zoe seduces him back into the dangerous world of real crime where anyone or anything can become a weapon.
As if life wasn't complicated enough there's the fiesty Ruby Karoo; sexy as sin, sassy as all hell and hiding a secret that could see her thrown in jail, dragging him in with her.

There's no such thing as a quiet life in Hotel Exotica.

If you like your sci-fi with some action, intrigue and deadly adventure for a cynical hero who can still rise to the challenge then make a reservation at Hotel Exotica today.

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